Build Camp

reciprocal roof roundhouseThe Build Camp Approach
Our normal approach to Timber frame building is to lead an educational camp for your volunteers and/or public participants. Build Camp exists to bring people together to learn for free whilst creating beautiful natural buildings that are affordable for organisations and individuals who put other people and the environment first.

The hosts are asked to supply, food, camping, showers, access to dry shelter and evening fire circle or indoor space for 8-12 students for 2-3 weeks. The hosts also pays our wage for managing the build and holding the space. The host is responsible for assembling participants. We like hosts who are hands on and involved in the camp and the build. If you would like to be a host please Book a Consultancy Session to discuss further. During his hour long video/phone we can focus the best way forward for your project whether it is with us or some other builder.

What we do
We have a pretty good process now having been Roundwood builders for 20yrs and running Build Camps for 10yrs. We’ll work with you to consolidate a design and logistics plan. We will supply all tools and equipment needed and be onsite to manage the build and teach people as they go. We will also take responsibility for health & safety and insurance cover during the time that we are on-site. Our fee for this is by negotiation and will include a fixed fee for project planning of around £950 and a per day fee of £250-350 for running the camp. Depending on the nature of the build there will then be around £1000-£3000 material cost. During the camp we will make and erect the roundhouse frame and board out the roof.

What seems now like a very long time ago when I lived in Belize I had my first experience of a community building project. We helped a family to build their home, a simple and humble hut built from natural materials. The whole village came out to help; women, children, young and old, all dug with their hands, sticks, make-do tools or what ever they had to hand. Slowly bit by bit from the foundations upwards the hut grew. Back in the UK I felt inspired to continue this tradition which must surely have been common place here too not so long ago.

Morning around the breakfast fire for coffee and pancakes. I’ve forgotten now how long we’ve been here but the bones of an incredible building rise behind us to mark our time. Smiling faces new, yet already familiar greet the morning. A days plan is hatched and once again the sound of mallets chattering on chisels mix with birdsong and the talk of the day. Finally as the light fades and a well earned super fills my belly I settle back at the fireside. The flickering light shows an outer skin forming on our building. Some nights I natter till slumber, some I just gaze into the flames and enjoy the warming glow before a well earned early night.


Photo’s from Previous Projects

fire in roundhouse


cordwood wall for reciprocal roof roundhouse

community building camp

Time for topping out!


Another fab night of music around the fire.


It’s difficult to put into words, (or music or dance)…This building and the team have been fabulous. Lots of learning, experimenting, laughter, music, exceptional food and an amazing building for a fabulous charity. I don’t want to go home or burst the bubble. Thank you. Lindy.

So much positivity to take away from this experience. Not only a valuable learning opportunity but so much fun, community and peace. Sad to be departing but leaving with inspiration in my heart. Many thanks to Adrian and Kath and to everyone who made this project possible. Lot of love Matt.

Thanks to Kath for putting on a food fest and to Adrian for the woodworking. I think I have found a group of lifelong friends who I know will come running when called upon. I have had an absolute blast with all aspect of the past 14 days. I would like to shout a massive thanks for allowing me to be part of an awesome build and to a great charity. Cheers Boycee