The Woodyard, Gloucestershire. UK

Download the directions to the Woodyard ⇒HERE 


Duchy Home Farm3

Our Roundwood Timber Framing and Reciprocal Roof Roundhouse courses are held at the Woodyard where all our construction projects begin life. We have a lot of wood!

Duchy Home Farm1

Meals are always a shared event and we have a well fitted out field kitchen (no fridge)

We have a growing course library and do like a bit of table tennis!

The evening fire circle, (The scrap heap challenge roundhouse)

The Cruck Framed Bothy

Duchy Home Farm2
The Craft Barn.

The Bug Barn with invertebrate roof.

A new painting from our artist in residence.

Duchy Home Farm5
One of the camping fields, just below the craft barn.


Duchy Home Farm4

A view through the poppies back towards the Woodyard


Duchy Home Farm

The local wild swim – amazingly good!