Talking it through always helps

I was inspired to offer consultancy after being hired to project manage Kevin McCloud’s C4 ‘Man Made Home’ series in 2012. Since then I’ve been advising people about how to start, continue or complete their builds and with 22 yrs professional Roundwood Timber Framing experience I feel fairly confident that I’ll be able to help you. Book me for a 1 hour consultancy session via Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp or phone call.  Pick the session fee from the drop down menu below. Then fill in and submit the rest of the form and pay fee by bank transfer. We can agree on a consultation date via email once this is done. Thank you.

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Hopefully the session will answer all your questions. If you wish to take things furtherwe can discuss further options during your call including;

  • On or off onsite training for your build
  • Supported Self-Build options
  • Project management
  • A full commission for the build

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