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Round Buildings & Community Building Projects. (2021)
An interview with Taylor Roark Part of the ‘Adventures of Self’ Series.
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Roundwood Timber Framing & Permaculture. (2019)
An interview with Jeffery Hart of the Building Sustainability Series.
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Roundwood Timber Framing

My career in Woodsmanship began in the jungles of Belize and the pine forests of the Rockies. Now settled amongst the temporate woodlands of southern Britain, I specialise in creating Roundwood Timber Frame buildings and in teaching others to do the same. The courses and training that I offer can be used for continued professional development, a career change or simply a chance to experience the Woodsman’s life for a while.


My path to the woods has been a meandering one. Having graduated in Three-Dimensional Design, I indulged in a life of Rock ‘n’ Roll for 5 years as a drummer in a very noisy band. Some years later I retired my drumsticks to spend 18 months working on ranches and outposts in North and Central America. My work as a jungle guide in Belize inspired me to return home and study the Woodsmanship skills of Britain.

Reciprocal Roof Roundhouse

Back in the U.K. I spent 6 years working part time with a film special effects company- Framestore – on movies such as Chicken Run, Mission Impossible and Sleepy Hollow. During those 6 years I became a course junky, devouring every woodland management and woodcrafts course I could get my hands on. In 2002, after many months in the woods helping Ben Law to build his Woodland House, I was inspired to pursue my passion for woodlands, woodcrafts and community projects. Since 2002 I’ve been roundwood timber framing, particularly reciprocal roof roundhouse building, and sharing woodland and woodcraft skills, with people from all walks of life. I am a Forest School Leader and Permaculture designer working with adults and teenagers on grass roots projects and professionally with Universities, colleges and other educational organisations. I also volunteer as a mentor through the charity Journeyman UK charity and with the Art of Mentoring network SW.

A life with trees – Testimonials

felling a tree with an axe

Kevin McCloud
Man Made Home, Channel 4

“Thank you to both you and Brian for your wonderful woodman wisdom and guidance. Invaluable and a privilege to learn from you both.”

Ecological installations on green roof

“At Arup we like to be innovative and try out new ideas and concepts. The redevelopment of our new offices on Fitzroy Street in central London presented us with an opportunity to explore the ecological potential of our roofscape.

We really appreciate Adrian’s design and technical input into the process. He has helped us successfully raise awareness of the potential ecological value of roof space, which is brilliant. We hope to be working with him again soon!” Neil Marlow, Associate.


Re-creating an Anderson Shelter in school grounds.

“The volunteers from Ystrad Mynach College thoroughly enjoyed working on the contemporary Anderson shelter. The structure was a wonderful piece of work and the school were delighted with it, I can’t wait to see it when the meadow grows over it.” Robert Proctor.

Queens School
Reciprocal Roof Roundhouse, Outdoor classroom.

“Once I had gained the funding for the build of an reciprocal roof roundhouse as an outdoor classroom I knew, from my previous experience, that Adrian would be the ideal person for this project. During the build Adrian has worked with a range of students and staff delivering a number of sessions giving them the opportunity to be part of this new building. All the feed back from these sessions has been very positive; students have described his approach as calm and respectful with clear instructions given. This project has run incredibly smoothly; Adrian has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building a range of different structures and, above all has a real passion for the work he does.” Sue Taplin.