Free Build
A Community Building Camp

Level – Skilled
Date – TBC
Duration – 2-4 wks TBC
Project – A full build – TBC
Price – Free
Client – Charity or school, TBC

An opportunity to make the most mind bogglingly beautiful natural buildings affordable for schools, charities, community groups, trusts and public organisations who put other people and the environment first. This is a REAL, FULL BUILD on-site, so we need everyone to be physically fit, strong and competent with tools.

Free build is not a course but we have all come to learn as well as give. Your participation assists the charity, community group or school accomplish the building of their dreams. The main currency is your physical work and every participant pays only for food which is £40 per week to cover the costs of Katherine cooking our evening meals. This is also your deposit to book a place.

We ask a minimum commitment of two weeks and we’ll all be camping together on-site for the duration. We are now taking expressions of interest for the next camp for 2018. BUT do not have a project booked yet!

If you would like to be involved please email me including RELEVANT EXPERIENCE, AGE and a BIT ABOUT YOURSELF as we like to have a mixture of ability, gender and age.


Previous projects photos

fire in roundhouse


cordwood wall for reciprocal roof roundhouse

community building camp

Time for topping out!


Another fab night of music around the fire.

A big thanks to this years crew, You where awesome!; Ben, Boycee, Dan, Jim, Josh, Lindy, Fran, Luke, Mark, Mat, Oliver, Phil, Tessa and Kath.


Testimonials 2016

It’s difficult to put into words, (or music or dance)…This building and the team have been fabulous. Lots of learning, experimenting, laughter, music, exceptional food and an amazing building for a fabulous charity. I don’t want to go home or burst the bubble. Thank you. Lindy.


So much positivity to take away from this experience. Not only a valuable learning opportunity but so much fun, community and peace. Sad to be departing but leaving with inspiration in my heart. Many thanks to Adrian and Kath and to everyone who made this project possible. Lot of love Matt.


Thanks to Kath for putting on a food fest and to Adrian for the woodworking. I think I have found a group of lifelong friends who I know will come running when called upon. I have had an absolute blast with all aspect of the past 14 days. I would like to shout a massive thanks for allowing me to be part of an awesome build and to a great charity. Cheers Boycee


What seems now like a very long time ago when I lived in Belize I had my first experience of a community building project. We helped a family to build their home, a simple and humble hut built from natural materials. The whole village came out to help; women, children, young and old, all dug with their hands, sticks, make-do tools or what ever they had to hand. Slowly bit by bit from the foundations upwards the hut grew. Back in the UK I felt inspired to continue this tradition which must surely have been common place here too not so long ago. Adrian Leaman (Wholewoods)