Japanese rib saw


timber framing saw

Temagori Nokogiri Rip cut for green wood.

Timber framing rip saw

Like all Japanese saws this cuts on the pull. It is a little bit of a fiddle to get going as the teeth are so big but once you are cutting it’s a demon. It’s a very aggressive fast cutting saw, which so far I’ve used on larch timber frames. It’s really only suited to large timber work although you can be fairly accurate with practise. The real joy of this saw is the ‘no crab claw phenomena’. Meaning that you’ll not develop one huge sawing arm whilst the other withers. This is a two handed saw. Your sawing action uses the whole torso equally putting far less twist strain on the body and less reliance on the joints and muscles of one arm. Using both arms and torso gives you a much more powerful stroke and is less tiring.



Blade Length: 480 mm (19 in.)

Total Length: 7 90 mm (31 in.)

Width of blade front: 100 mm (4 in.)

Width of blade near shaft: 80 mm (3 in.)

Thickness of blade near teeth: 1.3 mm

Thickness at the back: 0.7 mm

Kerf: 2.6 mm

as above, but for ripping and resawing.

Pitch front: 9 mm (3 TPI)

Pitch near handle: 7 mm (4 TPI)

Order nr. 312020 cart

Price ✱€ 129.00


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