Roundhouse Framing
A 2 week Camp

Level – Good level of fitness and strength
Cost – Free
Date – 2019 Tbc
Duration – 2 weeks
Venue – The Woodyard, Duchy Home Farm, Gloucestershire

The Roundhouse Framing Camp is open to anyone regardless of ability or income. Help us build a reciprocal roundhouse timber frame to be used as an outdoor classroom, at a charitable organisation or school. We’ll be working as a team and spend some time developing your tools technique and greenwood building knowledge. Together we’ll continue refining the ultimate roundhouse design, our team-work, and outdoor living skills.

Many educational organisations are short of funds to develop outdoor classrooms for forest school or nature based learning and don’t have the space to host our Free-Build camp. Your volunteering means we can help these schools too by cutting an entire frame and doing a first assembly at the Woodyard. We’ll deliver and install it later in the year.

Catered evening meals will cost £90 / 2wks and this is also the deposit. Camping is included.

If you would like to be involved please Click Here.

reciprocal roundhouse building course

roundwood timber framing course roundwood timber framing course

Testimonials 2018

Big shout out to everyone from this high summer build camp, it provided some much needed medicine and it was cracking to mix with new and old faces alike. The build camp has such scope and vision and I am proud to be a part of it as it is excellent work.

Thank you Adrian and Cath for hosting such a warm and hospitable two weeks for us all, I have much love for you and everyone involved.

Also, loving the brilliant photos captured by Kirsty and there was much mirth reliving the rocket stove Olympics, Boycee you really are a master of ceremonies!

Signing out, Matt x