Tiny Home

A design and build project. We’ll be making a low-impact, mobile, ‘tiny home’ to fit planning law for ‘permitted development’ as ‘seasonal agricultural and forestry workers, temporary accommodation. This design prototype will be ‘open source’ published with costings, materials lists etc. This design will be particularly useful for for any grass roots educational projects establishing themselves in the pre planning application stage. It would also be legal as a dwelling during any permanent residential build. We hope to build a few of these over the years to come to house volunteers on our Community Building Camps.


The home will be a step on from what we built for Kevin McCloud during his Man Made Home series on channel 4. The brief is to use free, or scrumped materials, and to cheaply build something natural and fun to the standard of a permanent home. The foot print is 26ft x 11ft. We aim to use high quality components and as many natural materials as possible.

This project is a prototyping experiment. We aim to record and free-share all project management decisions, costings, design workings and planning law requirements. There will be a basic design but I expect to free style, improvise and go off piste along the way. Something wonderful and unique will emerge.

Incidentally we are looking for a core volunteer crew of 4 with good general building skills. We will all be resident onsite for the duration with weekends off so you’ll need live-in vehicle, caravan or comfortable tent. We’ll be based at our Woodyard in Gloucestershire for about three months and would like people that can be available over the whole period full or part time. If you would like to be involved please email me including any relevant experience or skills.