team building?

Team Building on REAL building projects!

A community building programme  – in every sense – where your involvement enables the construction of natural outdoor classrooms at schools and visitor centres around the country.

Our Team Building sessions offer businesses the chance to champion nature-based learning in local schools and visitor centres whilst providing a memorable, meaningful experience for their staff. Your people will learn new skills alongside our instructors and go home with the satisfaction of having contributed to a real community building project. Some of the engaging, fun and challenging activities are shown below. We suggest that businesses make a minimum donation of £1500 for a Team Building day, all of which goes directly towards the cost of building an outdoor classroom.

The day will be led by Adrian Leaman.

To discuss a project for your staff please ⇒ get in touch.


Tree felling

felling tree with an axe


Stripping the timbers

peeling larch


Raising the roof

roundhouse building course