Spitalfields City Farm

The New Cruck Frame Shop

We’ve started building a roundwood cruck frame building for the farms new shop. This build still needs additional funding to complete. Spitalfields City Farm is an amazing oasis for the community near the center of London and the staff are also doing vital out reach work with schools in the area. Please help. http://www.spitalfieldscityfarm.org/

The Spitalfields City Farm shop is being built in stages. The crucks (A frames) where built at our woodyard by people booked on our Roundwood Timber Framing course 5th – 8th Sept 2016.

During the second stage we erected the frames and cutt in the additional components on-site. Shingles for the roof have been made on-site by volunteers and corporate groups.

The next stage will be fitting the roof.

A frame2

The frames are made of Larch and Oak as a one story building with open veranda. Below is an A frame being cut at our yard.


Due to the tight space the frame was erected using a crane at Spitalfields City Farm.


The final stage of the frame is now complete, finished during the final day under flood lighting.