Help for first time Roundwood Builders.


Normal package (all of the following excluding nos 2) is £1250, Or choose any option separately.

1. One hour phone consultation

to work on planning, design & logistics.

2. Structural engineers calculations 

and or Architectural drawings if needed!

3. Ground works

plan and diagram.

4. Crash course in Roundwood building

via Zoom (or in person)

5. Materials and cutting list 

for timber frame and roof.

6. Trigonometry for the reciprocal roof

supply all measurements.

7. Supervise putting the roof frame up 

to make sure everything is set up right.

8. Walls & floor

further advice on the options.


First of all, Book The One hour Project Development Consultation.


The consultation fee is included in the Full Package, (not an extra cost) and is paid separately with no commitment to continue. This consultation will help you develop your project and may well answer all your questions anyway. If not we can discuss if the Standard Self-Build Support Package (detailed above) is right for you or whether you just need a Zoom/In person Crash Course in Roundhouse Building. If you proceed with the full package it is paid in two halves. First half covers items 1,3,4 & 5 with no commitment to continue. The second half covers items 6,7 &8.

Adrian helping Kevin McCloud


Why get our help?

Our Self-Build support was born after we project managed Kevin McCloud’s Channel 4, ‘Man Made Home’ series. Our Self-Build Support package will assist during the most complex parts of the build giving you all the satisfaction and affordability of a Self Build project with help from an expert to ovoid the usual pitfalls, and offer professional shortcuts. The Self-Build Support is for people confident enough with practical work to run their own build but looking for a bit of help with the Roundwood specific elements.

Self-Build Testimonials.

“Thank you to both you and Brian for your wonderful woodman wisdom and guidance. Invaluable and a privilege to learn from you both.”
Kevin McCloud.

‘I was asked by my daughter to help build a round house having been involved in the building industry for at least 40 years and being accustomed to using cut and straight timber. I was invited to visit Adrian’s yard where myself and the build team were taken through the technicalities of working with round and not always straight timber. From the ground up Adrian’s information was very clear, however the idea of making a reciprocal roof was beyond the team. We successfully built the walls and collar ready for the roof. This is when Adrian came on site, gave a thumbs up for the build so far, and then guided us through the forming of the roof. The journey of this round house build has been one of fascination and enjoyment made possible by Adrian’s guidance, involvement and skill. If you are considering such a build I can fully recommend that you consult with Adrian before starting your journey’. John.

‘Working with Adrian during our Roundhouse build was invaluable. His knowledge, deep listening and gentle presence made our build go so smoothly. He really heard my vision and values and not only knew how best to turn that into a structure but also how to translate it to something the people helping me build it could hear. I’d highly recommend him. Thank you for your patience with how long this took! I’m also happy for anyone to come and look at it and talk to me if they want to. Thankyou so much.’ xx Becky.