Guided Self-build Help

If you’re ready to start self-building we can help with design, source timber, or just be there to raise the frame. As much or as little help as you need. We have 2 fixed-rate programs, but can also help you on a day rate.

Contact us now if you want to start planning your build now ⇒ Click Here.

If your build is still a while off  it will help you to do our other programs first…
The Roundwood Timber Framing Course.
This will give you a focused training in technique and some vital theoretical background. You’ll also get to meet us.
Build Camp.
Hone your tool skills, understand building site logistics and experience hosting volunteers in dangerous situations.
Free Build.
The challenge of a real full scale building project. Also if you want to build your own place one day you’ll benefit from a sudden burst of people power from a committed crew of skilled volunteers. This is where you are likely to meet some of them.
Build Leaders.
If you’ve been one of our build leaders for a while then you won’t be needing so much professional help from us on your self-bulid. But I expect we’ll want to help you anyway!