Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home

Timber mobile homes built to order

In December 2011, Channel 4 asked Adrian to project-manage Kevin McCloud’s build. The resulting TV show, ‘Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home’, is a four part series for Channel 4. Construction notes for the self-builder can be seen on our blog.  Please ⇒ get in touch if you’d like us to build one for you. Below are some pictures of our project with Kevin.




Kevin McCloud collaborated with us during the design process and his passion for design and ecological principals made this an easy partnership. Thanks Kevin.




Timber Frame

The curved oak ribs are a stunning and unique feature. These were rip sawn from one tree: a new challenge for me and a wonderful result. Trees like this aren’t common and to accommodate this form in a building was a wonderful challenge.



There are two gorgeous (hand-cut) dovetail joints on tie beams between the back wall and the curved oak frame. What a beauty!



We normally use ring shank nails to attach shingles, but at the wall plates we used copper boat building nails. These age well and look beautiful.





You will have seen Kevin making the glass for this window on the programme. We retrofitted the oak window frame into the wall and it now sits snugly amongst the shingles.



Most of the walls on the shed are shingled. The profiling of the shingles around the curved ribs is a particularly pleasing detail. This is bespoke work, which we enjoyed immensely. Seeing these used on exterior walls gives the building a real hand crafted form.



The shed roof is fitted with our hand cleft oak shingles. These are a delightful traditional product that thankfully are enjoying a revival.






Finally a big thank to the team who put up with some truly appalling weather on-site. Brian, Kath, Ruth, Patrick, George, Simon, Nick, Tony and John.