Green woodwork – (Tools and Techniques)

10th May 2024

Taught by Adrian Leaman, professional woodworker for 20yrs. Working with wood when it is un-seasoned, fresh felled or ‘Green’, is the oldest form of carpentry. These traditional methods made use of tools and techniques that evolved specifically for using green timber and are just as useful today as they have always been.

In many situations using ‘Green’ timber will be the cheapest and easiest option. Green wood is very much cheaper than seasoned, softer to work, doesn’t need storage to season and can be used straight away when the tree is felled. Much of the skill is in reading the grain, managing shrinkage and knowing in what situations it will be ab advantage.

This course is for any level including beginners. It is an all round introduction with a slant towards carpenters, builders & crafts people but is also suitable for anyone wanting to get into any wood based making.

This course can be booked through Cirencester College. Your place is funded if you live in North Gloucestershire. If travelling from outside the area camping available by request.