Community Build Internship

The Internship is a new role in it’s first year and very much still in development. However we do know that this role is to support Build Camp, our Timber Framing Courses and Community Build projects. During your time on the internship Adrian will keep an eye on developing your design thinking, project management and career pathway. You will attend at least one Build Camp, one Community Event, assist on one Roundwood Timber Framing course and co-lead a site development build including the day to day running of the Woodyard. If you have your own building project in the pipeline you’ll be supported in this too. You will be envolved in all the design and planning of current projects and participate in all the pre-build developement work.

Josh LawsonCurrent (pioneer) Intern

Josh is looking to establish a roundwood timber framing workers coop. Josh is a coops development guru, coppice worker and maker of amazing stained glass windows. Josh is taking on the build of a new packing barn at the vegbox scheme in Leeds.