If you are planning a building project – or have already started – there are a few ways we can help you….



Guided DIY

This is a fixed fee support option to build a Reciprocal Roundhouse frame if you are competent practically and have the equipment, time and resources to do the build yourself. I can specify the groudworks, provide materials list and assist with the most critical part of the frame raise. Contact details here…


reciprocal roof roundhouseBuy a Timber Frame

Buy a ready made Reciprocal Roundhouse timber frame from us. Either assemble it yourself or hire us to do so. The rest of the build is then yours to complete. We can advice on how to best do this if you like. Contact details here…


roundwood timber framing courseHire us to Build everything

We can build the entire building for you also. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas. The best first step is to email us with a rough description of your needs and we can then start looking at what the costs might be. Contact details here…


In person, Phone, Skype or Zoom
SubjectAny construction questions
DurationFixed Fee, Minimum booking one hour
BookingClick here to book