Roundwood timber framing courses 2014

roundwood timber framing course

Thank you to all the lovely people who attended this years roundwood timber framing courses. Good luck with your projects keep me posted on how you get on. We’ll be running two more courses next year. 30th Aug – 3rd Sept and 7th – 11th Sept. For more info or booking details go to our trading website…



Roundhouse building course 2014

reciprocal frame roundhouse by wholewoods

We just completed another roundhouse for a school in Brixham. Over the years I’ve built quite a few buried post roundhouse’s, (the iron age style) with reciprocal roof. However this is the first freestanding roundhouse I’ve built.  I’ll be posting more details about how we did this build. Anyway it seemed high time I ran a roundhouse-building course to pass some of this experience on so the first one runs on 31st May – 1st June 2014. For more details and booking form visit my trading website

Stroud Permaculture Course 2013

Stroud permaculture Course
Last Thursday I taught the green buildings and woodlands sessions on the second Stroud permaculture design course. The following Sunday we all gathered at our woodyard on Duchy Home Farm for a days tree felling. This is a very popular day in the woodland behind the yard. It’s a humbling experience to work as a group felling a large mature tree by hand with axes and two-man felling saws. There’s a lot of grunting and puffing and a fair amount of tension in the air. It may be a surprise to everyone how hard this activity actually is but the power of collaborative human effort never fails to amaze me. It’s good to know and to ‘feel’ the effort that felling a tree really  requires. It was only about 60yrs ago that chainsaws came into popular use. Before then this was the ONLY way to do it. Who knows those days may come again.

I highly recommend doing a permaculture course. It’s one of the best courses I’ve ever attended. To find out more about 2014 Stroud permaculture course contact Seb at

To find out more about permaculture go to the national website