Teaching and Outdoor Classroom Building

The Waldorf students building their outdoor classroom

This autumn sees the continuation of Waldorf College, Bridging the Gap course in Stroud. This is a year long full-time course for young people aged 16 -19 years old. The course emphasises learning new skills through the crafts, being on the path of self-discovery through the arts and developing a coherent world. I am working with the students building their outdoor classroom using hand tools and natural materials. During the process we are also felling trees from the woodland and learning about forestry. With the funding cuts looming on the horizon it has looked doubtful that the course will continue which has been very sad. I have met a few of last year’s students who confirm my belief that this course offers a transformative experience. It seems that the parents agree. Many have said that this is the first time their child has been motivated to participate in education. It now looks likely that critical fund raising can be met through the generosity of the local parents and that the college will survive until next year when it will once again be in a secure position. We all have our fingers crossed.

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