Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home, Kevin McCloud’s Shed. Weatherboarding notes for the self-builder

one man and his shed - weatherboarding

We have used western red cedar

The south and east walls were weather-boarded. This is cheaper and quicker to fit as a wall covering than shingles. Sawn boarding works well as a vertical wall with eves but is not a durable option for roofing. However a case could be argued for it as being at least as good as sawn cedar shingle roofs. See the post on shingles. We have used western red cedar boards, which have an amount of natural durability but less than oak. It is overlapped heartwood-to-heartwood and attached with stainless steel nails. I used to attach them with the nails hidden but now attach with the nails just showing below the next board. There is much discussion about which is the best technique. With nails showing the boards are held in two places reducing cupping (bending of boards as they season). Additionally if the boards ever have to be removed it’s a lot easier.

2 thoughts on “Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home, Kevin McCloud’s Shed. Weatherboarding notes for the self-builder

  1. Arch

    Re cupping !
    Always have the grain cupping in not out as it resists the board cupping with its edges curling out !

    And nailing to often can aid the board to spilt, just one row of nails will let the board expand and contact without splitting !

    Long but thin nails can help as they can bend about a bit as the wood moves
    That’s if you want a second row

    Those cheap stainless steel nails rust though in Oak !
    But should be ok in what your using

    Do you think it will support two ton of snow this year ?

  2. Arch

    By Jove that was a heavy drop down panel ? And Willy Tricketts badly geared thingy didn’t really help, he said earlier if you want something to really work bring it to him ! He needs to checkout how to gear something so its easy to do !
    Counter weights would help with this very very heavy construction, but in reality can’t see that you could have done anything else re the woodwork.
    Now he has two stoves ! Who’s cutting the wood ?


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