Kevin McCloud’s Shed Design, Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home

I’ve promised not to give away any details about how the shed looks, but it’s been very interesting working through the design with Kevin. He’s the most experienced client I’ve ever worked with. Normally I design the buildings I build. This is the first time I’ve worked for a client with real passion for design. I’m receiving regular CAD drawings which we bat back and forth, discussing materials and measurements. The appearance of the shed is driven by Kevin’s commitment to ecological design, his love of the natural environment and his sense of bold geometry. There I shall leave it for you to enjoy on TV 23rd Sept.

Kevin McCloud’s Shed Camp, Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home

Bread at Kevin McCloud's shed

Wonderful breads at Kevin McCloud’s shed

Katherine our course and events chef is keeping the campfire burning on site. She’s sustaining the crew with hot soups, stews and home baked breads and cakes. Every shoot date another wonderful creation is dished up, accompanied by home baked sourdough, her speciality. Being a woodsman, I love the homely woodland vibe the filming days have taken on and it’s all down to Katherine. And of course, the eco-building nerd in me just loves collecting up all the shavings and off-cuts of wood to add to the chef’s kindling pile. Still not wanting to give too much about the build away – so here is a picture of some of the wonderful sourdoughs instead!

Kevin McCloud’s Shed, Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home

Builders on Kevin McClouds Shed

Tea break on Kevin McCloud’s Shed

Back in December last year Optomen Television hired me to project manage this build. The four part series is to be aired on Channel 4 in the autumn: McCloud’s Man-Made Home, a must-see! Having worked through the designs with Kevin during January, we started preparing for the build in early February. Most weeks since then, me and the team have been on-site carving timbers, jointing and shingling etc. Mostly this work happens off-camera, between filming days. So far it’s been an amazing project and Kevin McCloud has been a joy to work with. It does say in my contract that I’m not supposed to disclose details or images before the TV airing, so here is a photo of me, Brian and Katherine on site enjoying a cup of tea. I will try to keep my blogging to no-specifics.