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rustic outdoor classroom queens school

Wow, what an exciting and heart-warming day I have just had! I‘ve just returned to Queens School in Watford to do a safety inspection of an outdoor classroom I built there with the children. I always re-visit building projects 6 months in to check that it has settled in and is safe to sign off. So much has happened since I was last there. The staff and students have really made this space their own. Wood chip paths have been laid through the spinney and logs have been installed for seating. Rustic seating also adorns the classroom and it is obvious that the students and staff are really enjoying the space. I’m really pleased with the way the structure has seasoned and settled in. During building we had worried that in the unexpected scorching sun the poles would season too quickly. Amazingly a small bird, yet un-seen has taken to using the structure as a place to hunt.

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  1. Miss Taplin

    Adrian, great to see you again and so happy you to hear your heart was warmed! The project has been an absolute joy and a great start to our outside adventures. You are wonderful to work with; both the staff and the students involved think so highly of your approach and we all learned so much during the build. Teaching outdoors at Secondary school level has definitely brought a whole new dimension to my life and, to the students I teach a place to take managed risks, lead their learning and to develop confidence and self esteem. Here’s sending you a big thank you from us at Queens’.


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